Are you dreaming of helping people whom you care for? Do you want to change your career and open an office? If so, then these training courses are made for you.

Philippe Bruzzone and the center offer you variety of short training courses in manual therapy and anatomy motion paltation.

  • The basic reboutment “ massage”
  • Reboutment of tissue and energy
  • Mysofacial release or trigger points technique
  • Anatomy movement palpation technique

All the modules are independent and you can participate in each one separately.

A long training in reboutment and empirical massage.

You can find all the information on or contact me by email at:

Philippe Bruzzone, Geneva.


How we treat the body

neuro-articular therapeutic touch that results...


uses needles to normalize energy flow and circulation...

Craniosacral Therapy

aims to improve the craniosacral functioning...

Chinese Massage

is practiced on acupuncture points in a punctual way...