manual therapy, acupuncture, personal training

Philippe Bruzzone

specialist and practitioner in traditional Chinese medicine

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Philippe Bruzzone completed some training courses in many different complementary medicine and personal training, but his main activities are manual therapy. To be more capable of helping his patients, he pursued his passion for learning and did various courses, such as:
The structural trainings
  • Chinese massage Tui-Na
  • Reboutology® (reboutement, bone healer)
  • Neuro Structural Technique (NST)
  • Vertebral therapy (spinal cord massage)
  • Mild Osteopathy
  • Craniosacral therapy
Energy approach trainings
  • Chinese psychology
  • Unicist homeopathy
  • Isotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Axiotherapy
  • Energy treatment
In order to improve his main qualification, which is traditional Chinese medicine, he still continues receiving training. Make an appointment by calling 078 648 97 97


How we treat the body

neuro-articular therapeutic touch that results...


uses needles to normalize energy flow and circulation...

Craniosacral Therapy

aims to improve the craniosacral functioning...

Chinese Massage

is practiced on acupuncture points in a punctual way...