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Chinese Massage

Chinese massage can be applied punctually on acupuncture points or can be applied on energy paths that are called "meridians" in a linear fashion.

In Chinese langauage, the characters used to define the word "massage" translate the idea of an action generated by the hand to harmonize the energy of the body. Chinese massage is indeed a technique that its purpose is to mobilize bodily energies, stimulate them when they are deficient and disperse them when they are accumulated in certain regions of the body.

Each one of the energies we are talking about is related to a specific organic function, Chinese massage has the ability to stimulate or drain organs and tissues that are engorged, infiltrated, have inflammation or have become fibrotic or deficient.

Chinese massage, in action, is quite comparable to treatment with needles. Depending on the therapeutic result we are expecting and the area that are treated, a certain number of techniques are being employed to tone or to disperse an energy point or path. Some series of movement, that are called punctual, are practiced on the point itself, others are linear along the path of the meridian. Chinese massage also is being used in the context of well-being and sports.

Other series of movement which are very similar to osteopathy, are also practiced in vertebral and articular mobilizations (e.g. back pain)

Philippe Bruzzone, Geneva.


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